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Welcome to the quantum group, inc.

Healthcare solutions for a new generation™

As an innovation-driven Healthcare Services Organization (HSO), we believe that healthcare, the single largest component in the United States economy, is about to undergo a generational change.  Demands from nearly 70 million baby boomers will be seeking changes in transparency, responsiveness and efficiency. This transformation will be complete when we cohesively infuse healthcare and technology.

With our years of experience, we chose to make an impact by innovating a 21st century solution by using new systems, process and technology. We have built an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution that allows consumer to use the internet anywhere in the world to access their medical record, track their medical treatment & improvements, access medical notes, and monitor their actual compliance, with the use of IoT devices. All this information is private, secure and personalized to the patient.

We believe that one of the single biggest issues in healthcare today is communication.  We are strategically designing products to aide in bridging the gaps of communication and facilitate the exchange of patient information throughout the healthcare industry.


Quantum is an innovations driven company that has spent time and resources to build a evolutionary personal wellness electronic record. We intend to market this platform to over 1,000 affiliated medical providers in Florida, and then to the physician population at large. We have built a technology platform that enables users to access their wellness information on a personalized basis across their healthcare delivery team.

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