Our Objective

Our Objective

To facilitate objectives and provide a complete circle of services to our clients. The Quantum Group interacts with each of the three key hubs of the healthcare industry – the providers (primary care physicians / specialists / ancillary facilities), hospitals and payers. To accomplish the connectivity required for these communications, Quantum has developed an enterprise platform that includes multiple applications used by provider offices or hospitals.

No company in healthcare today has the experience, innovation and mandate to help change healthcare.

We do!

Understanding the Market

Current healthcare spending in the United States accounts for 16% of the Nation’s gross domestic product (“GDP”). This represents an average of over $7,026 for each person in the United States. Healthcare has been the only net growth sector over the last 10 years as healthcare spending has risen from 13.6% (1997) of GDP to 18.2% (2012) while housing, food, technology, auto and defense have remained flat as a percentage of GDP.


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In its February 2008 report, CMS estimated that healthcare spending in the United States is projected to be above $2.2 trillion or approximately 16.3% of the GDP in 2007 and would grow to $4.3 trillion, or 19.5% of the GDP by 2017. In the United States, healthcare outlays have grown faster than the consumer price index. According to CMS, healthcare outlays are projected to grow at a rate of 6.7% annually between 2007 and 2017. The projected principal drivers for this growth include continued cost-increasing medical innovation, inflation, continued demand for prescription drugs and the aging baby boomer demographic.